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since today is Croatoan Day, we might as well recap the story of the origin of Croatoan. 

The word Croatoan originates from the Native American tribe—the Croatans. They lived in Roanoke Island (which is now North Carolina, US) and believed that their island had a spirit. The spirit had the ability to change people who offended it into trees and stones and animals. (x)

So basically, the English settlers came to this island, made friends with the native Americans. There was a Anglo-Spanish war and they head to go and leave behind 115 settlers.

However, on August 18th, 1590, they returned to find no trace of their men. Or any Native Americans. Basically the whole thing was abandoned.

The only thing they found was a carving of the word “Croatoan” on a tree. (x)

and then some more fun info:

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