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Favorite Wincest scenes (In no particular order) (3/??)

» requested by crumblesofmymind 

I think this is one of the most beautiful interactions the brothers have had in the series. They found each other again, they were brothers, they are in perfect sync. And Dean doesn’t want to keep living if Sam is not around. He even considered leaving the job, both committing suicide and leave it at that. It shows the codependency at its best and also how much Dean is willing to sacrifice for his little brother. Also, there’s this really weird pause at the end of the dialogue, when he’s talking about how it’s NOT entirely about his dad, but about something else. They get interrupted. But for us, who pick and probe at any piece of homoerotic subtext we get thrown, this is one of the biggest ones out there. What was Dean going to say? “I can’t live without you”? “I love you”? “I’d rather die than watch you die”? We’ll never know. What we know is what he did at the end of Season Two, which is basically the final sacrifice. He gave up his soul for Sam. So Sam could live on, have a life, be happy.

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